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Welcome to Atha Yoga Studio

Atha is a Sanskrit word and means „now“.

Yoga is the science of living in the here and now. It is a way to produce well-being, to find back to our physical, emotional and mental balance.

Yoga practices are ideal to improve concentration, relieve stress and find harmony. With practice, we obtain a higher level of fitness and a relaxed and clear spirit, which allows us to tackle the problems of everyday life, from a point of view much more positive.

Through breathing, postures and conscious presence, we can create an internal space that helps us connect with our true desires and our essence.

Yoga is a journey that takes us back home. It has a power to transform, to restore inner harmony and to accelerate the personal development.

In our studio we are a group of Yoga teachers and we are inspired from different schools of yoga. We adapt the yoga to the needs of modern life with all its problems, especially stress and the lack of exercise. Therefore our classes of Hatha Yoga (physical yoga) also include other types of exercises to achieve a balance.

Hatha Yoga classes

We offer Hatha Yoga classes at various times for all levels:

Basic: for beginners. You learn the basic postures and simple breathing exercises
Hatha Yoga I: quiet, soft
Hatha Yoga II: intense, strong
Hatha Yoga III: more subtle, advanced. For advanced students and Yoga teachers.

We have mats, blankets, cushions and chairs. You only need to bring comfortable clothes.


We also offer teacher trainings in Yoga and Nuad, private lessons, workshops, and psychotherapy.

Generally we speak German in all classes, but some of the teachers may also translate into English or Spanish on request.

We have 3 rooms (40m ², 50m ², 70m ²), which are also available for rent for courses and workshops.

Information & Contact

Isabella Welsch: 0699 10 00 94 38

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Willkommen im ATHA Yogastudio!